OSTPDX Legislative Task Force FAQs

1. What is the OSTPDX Legislative Task Force?

The OSTPDX Legislative Task Force is comprised of 17 people who serve as the “point people” responsible for gathering information about bills proposed during the 2019 Legislative Session in a particular topic area (campaign finance reform, climate, criminal justice, education, gun safety, health care, housing, immigration, national popular vote, revenue voting rights/redistricting).


2. Who is on the Legislative Task Force?

Many of the Task Force members participated in the OSTPDX Midterms Task Force, which researched nearly 30 campaigns (mostly state and local, including judicial races and ballot measures) and made recommendations on 19. They have been joined by activists from other groups such as Indivisible Hillsboro, Nasty Women Get Shit Done, and Indivisible Oregon. A number of Task Force members are also affiliated with advocacy groups (such as ReNew Oregon, Oregon Housing Alliance, 350Oregon, Moms Demand Action) and/or have relevant professional experience in the fields associated with their particular topics.


3. How does a point person gather information about bills?

The point person would establish a connection with the relevant advocacy group(s) for his/her particular topic. From the advocacy group(s) and from his/her own research, the point person collects information about which bills to track. The data gathered about each bill includes: i) the timing of hearings, votes, lobby days, other activist interventions, etc.; ii) who the proponents are; iii) who the opponents are; iv) what the policy issues are, etc. -- using a standardized Research Worksheet developed for this purpose.


4. What does the Task Force do with this information?

We seek to disseminate the relevant information/content we develop as broadly and effectively as possible to members of OSTPDX and other activist groups and to voters in general so that they can mobilize to influence the work of the Oregon Legislature.


5. How does the Task Force plan to disseminate this information to others?

The Task Force is currently sharing information with other Indivisible organizations in Oregon via i) a shared Google drive folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LbRsABs9kqPMo8fm8Hf2Q7iEBFyK4iRl?usp=sharing ii) an events calendar on the OSTPDX website onesmallthingpdx.org; and iii) a Slack workplace. The Task Force’s research is summarized and is available through the Google drive folder. The Task Force is also partnering with other activist groups to develop graphics, memes and messaging and obtain and exchange other helpful content (legislative committee assignments, lobby days and other events, etc.).


6. What is COIN?

COIN is the Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network, a newly-emerging coalition of Indivisible groups in Oregon that are seeking to cooperate and amplify their joint efforts to advance progressive federal and state legislation and to hold our elected representatives accountable.


7. How long will the Task Force continue?

The Task Force will continue to work through sine die, June 30, 2019.


8. What will happen after that?

We hope that the connections and infrastructure we build through the creation and operation of the OSTPDX Legislative Task Force and COIN will help us be ready for a robust effort in support of progressive policies in the 2020 general election.


You may contact One Small Thing PDX by email at: onesmallthingpdx@gmail.com

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