One Small Thing PDX is a local grassroots organization with a mission of utilizing members' skills and relationships to advance and sustain actions that encourage progressive legislation and support progressive issues. We also support the election of progressive candidates at local, state and federal levels.


Our guiding principle is the belief that an individual, regularly doing one small thing, can make a big difference in our country’s future. One Small Thing PDX is a registered member of the national organization, Indivisible.

One Small Thing PDX is a registered member of the national organization, Indivisible.

What We Do

1. Meet regularly to strengthen our community and amplify our efforts

2. Identify issues that connect with our passions and lead to action

3. Enhance our civic education by hosting guest experts and sharing member knowledge

4. Build our skills in order to become more effective and efficient activists

5. Organize people to actively support progressive legislation, causes and candidates

6. Adhere to non-violent action, inclusivity, diversity and fairness for all



Our Goals

In order to build a cadre of progressive activists to impact elections and issues in 2020, we will inform and activate our members by doing the following in 2020:

  1. Hold public meetings quarterly or on an as-needed basis with a keynote speaker or panel that educates citizens about an important current issue from January through June and between September and November.  

  2. Use small action-focused groups, when appropriate, to, among other things, track legislation during the 2020 Short Session, spotlight issues and actions that need to be taken by individuals, e.g. writing postcards, calling leaders, attending a hearing or meeting, contributing financial resources:

    1. Four small groups have been formed to track legislation during the Short Session, focusing on: revenue, campaign finance reform, climate/energy/environment, gun safety.

    2. The small groups may also act as a clearinghouse to direct people to other organizations and projects, and

    3. They may directly support another organization’s position/action on an issue.

  3. Coordinate with other grassroots groups in Oregon through Coordinated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN) and locally through the Metro Area Collaborators Network to amplify our message and theirs.

  4. Link with Swing Left on their 12 super state strategy for the November 2020 election to keep our members informed and active.  OSTPDX will not be endorsing primary elections in 2020, but we will keep you informed of important election events through our newsletter.

  5. Continue our newsletter and build our membership to 650 people.

  6. Increase diversity of our group in creative ways; finding how to support groups who represent diversity or taking these groups an issue and finding out their perspective on it.

  7. Continue the ‘activist’ book club.

  8. Build a sense of community and mutual support among our members and sister organizations.  

  9. Celebrate our victories.

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You may contact One Small Thing PDX by email at: onesmallthingpdx@gmail.com

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