Advocacy Tactics…

Be Ready To Oppose Hate
From Southern Poverty Law Center

Check it out: The Southern Poverty Law Center has just released an updated edition of its publication Ten Ways to Fight Hate. It provides a blueprint for speaking up and organizing communities against hate while – most importantly – avoiding violent confrontations. In addition, last week SPLC released The Alt-Right on Campus, a guide specifically tailored to help college students respond when speakers associated with the alt-right – or white nationalist – movement appear on their campus.

Great Information on Which Companies/Products/Services You May Want to Avoid and Why

Have you wondered whether your purchases are in alignment with your values? Here is an invaluable source of information compiled by on over 100 companies. There is detailed data about the companies, their leadership, and their affiliations. You won’t want to miss taking a look at this!

Learn to Write Op-eds that Make a Difference.

From Indivisible – 8/7/2017
Indivisible is partnering with The OpEd Project to offer a new joint resource on writing and pitching op-eds. Check out the resource here and take some time to get issues you care about in newsprint.

This Article by Ta-Nehisi Coates is a Must-Read

Amplify Your Activism! Download Indivisible Oregon’s New Calling App!
Indivisible Oregon just rolled out a customized app that makes calling your Oregon senators and representatives a breeze. I have used it and IT IS GREAT! Everything you need to contact your MoCs – phone numbers, a new message supplied daily by Indivisible Oregon – is at your fingertips to use as often as you like. Follow these instructions to sign up. It makes a meaningful call to your MoCs so much easier!