October 12, 2018 – How You Can Get Out the Vote by Contacting Friends & Family

Dear OSTPDX Members,

If you missed our meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 9th, there was a great take away from our speaker Thalia Zapatos concerning GOTV (get out the vote) which we want to share right away.

It turns out that the best way to persuade voters is personal contact–that’s why canvassing works.  One easy way to influence voters without leaving your desk is to email a message to people in your network telling them why it’s important to vote and which candidates and measures you are supporting or opposing.
Here’s a graphic to help you develop your list of friends and family you want to email and a link to the Multnomah County Democrats list of candidates and measures we’re supporting.  Also here is OSTPDX’s list of election recommendations.

If every one of our 500 members sent an email to 30 people and encouraged them to send the message on to their networks, we’d have influenced over 15,000 voters with our progressive perspective.  And don’t forget to tell people they don’t have to complete the ballot if there is a race or issue they don’t know, leave it blank. JUST VOTE.

Thanks, Lynn Youngbar, Phyllis Brown, Jacque Abel and Mary Chaffin

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